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Melbourne Fringe 2011

Room 328

2 Comments 03 October 2011

Truth be told, I’ve always been extremely uncomfortable around contemporary art, and five minutes into Room 328 I’m itching to leave. This is not a bad thing. That is what the contemporary is supposed to do. Throw you into the deep end when you don’t know how to swim. Turn off all the lights. Leave […]

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Melbourne Fringe 2011

So Calm, So Blue

No Comments 29 September 2011

I feel a bit stupid grinning like this, but it’s like I’m sitting on a cushiony wedge of sun in the audience of So Blue, So Calm. It’s dark and cold outside, and I can hear a lonely weeknight tram rattling past, but I’m not there – I’m in Mutation Theatre’s backyard. I’m sprawled out […]

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Melbourne Fringe 2011

I Know There’s A Lot Of Noise Outside

No Comments 27 September 2011

If you crack apart the perfumed shell of what happy women today should be like, what unseen, shivering creature lurks inside? This is the question the girls at I’m Trying to Kiss You try to answer in their performance ‘I Know There’s a lot of Noise Outside But You Have to Close Your Eyes’. Prepare […]

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