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Felicity Ward’s (ill-timed, week long) Christmas Special

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Felicity Ward is one of “those people,” a Christmas fanatic who adores all the Christmas kitsch. She’s had the Christmas tree up for so long – since 2008- that she has discovered it’s multi-purpose as both festive décor and a clothes rack. The ill-timed Christmas Special is as jam-packed as Santa’s Christmas sack with fart jokes, nativity trivia, role-playing and plenty of special guests.  Anything goes in this show – well it is Christmas after all.

The show opens with quirky Ward dressed like an elf in “hymen-restricting” shorts belting out a Christmas show-tune that quickly gets the audience laughing in hysterics. The potty-mouthed Ward sings to the audience, “If you don’t like games you’ll hate this shit. If you don’t even like me what the fuck are you doing here?”

Luckily for Ward the audience are good-natured and happy to play along to Ward’s hilarious games which range from pirate jokes, sharing Christmas stories, to an older lady joyfully recreating a lap-dance while role-playing a family Christmas at the Ward’s house. A note of warning: if you’re not into audience interaction stay clear of the front row.

Ward is like a naughty child trapped in a woman’s body, she’s outrageous,  friendly and a bit of a dork who takes advantage of the fifty-two seat theatre’s intimate-feel. Ward divides the show up with special guests providing more Christmas cheer for the audience while “subtly” self-promoting their own Fringe shows. The guests do not always easily fit into Ward’s Christmas Special, such as The Lithuanian Acapella folk group, but they do never-the-less impress with their amazing lagerphone.

Without giving too much away, the best part of the night is when Ward and the audience play a game called: “When does a fart stop being funny?” involving carol-singing and Shane from the Umbilical Brothers.  To find out the answer you’ll just have to attend the show yourself.

Ward’s Christmas Special is a “joygasm” that will put you in the mood for Christmas.

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  1. Ebonie says:

    A fantastic review, Shannon :) It’s quirky, just like the show!

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