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Aden BeaverAden Beaver

Aden is a freelance digital artist who most notably reviews music for Empire Times as a way of filling the empty void that exists in his day to day life.

Alexandra SchnabelAlexandra Schnabel

Alexandra Schnabel exclusively watches high-concept documentaries, arthouse films and Law and Order: SVU re-runs (Stabler era only). She reviews two of three here sometimes.

Andy HuangAndy Huang

I write, I edit this thing called Vertigo and I make radio on Saturdays.

Anne LauAnne Lau

Anne has recently completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), majoring in Government and International Relations and History. She is a participant of Playwriting Australia’s Lotus Salon, currently studies writing for performance at NIDA and maintains a theatre blog at She has also been involved in curating exhibitions for VIVID and Head On Photography Festival and has assisted with coordinating poetry slam events.

Anne loves theatre that confronts audiences with the sociological realities we live in. This comes from a belief that individuals are threads in a larger, complex and dynamic social fabric and a passion to reflexively make sense of what it means to be human here and now.

Antonina HeymansonAntonina Heymanson

An avid reader, writer and performer who takes pleasure in the small things in life.

Ashleigh McMillanAshleigh McMillan

Ashleigh McMillan is an RMIT Journalism student and avid film watcher. She once spread Vegemite all over a garden gate, in order to visually represent her vitriolic hatred of the stuff. She has very strong opinions.

Bobby LyBobby Ly

Bobby Ly is a perth-raised, dublin-influenced, melbourne-based cook, copywriter, ceramist and creative.

Bri LeeBri Lee

Bri Lee is a Brisbane-based freelancer who founded and runs Hot Chicks with Big Brains. Specialising as a writer, she is also an editor, photographer, videographer, and model.

Bri is the inaugural recipient of YWCA’s Women’s Leadership scholarship. She graduated from the University of Queensland with a dual law (Hons) and arts (Mandarin) degree in 2014. Bri and all her friends are proudly feminist.

Bridget ConwayBridget Conway

I'm a young professional working in TV production. I enjoy writing, looking up cat memes, drinking cups of tea, and sci-fi - I LOVE sci-fi.

C.J. McLeanC.J. McLean

Callum McLean is a writer (evidently), and a great one at that (debatable). His creative and review work has appeared in Indaily, Empire Times and twice broadcast on Coast FM. He has received two commendations for his script work in the South Australian State Theatre Company’s ‘Young Playwright’s Award’ competition. He is currently completing his Honours in Creative Arts (Creative Writing) at Flinders University.

Ceri GlenieCeri Glenie

Ceri is a creative writing student who is most often tired because her cat, Asparagus, wakes her up at 6am every morning. When she's not boasting/complaining about her cat, she's probably sleeping.

Coleman GrehanColeman Grehan

Coleman Grehan is a freelance theatre artist and music composer currently residing in Canberra, Australia. Born in Singapore and raised in Brisbane, he graduated from Queensland Academy for Creative Industries in 2012 and recently graduated from an internship with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre in 2013. He currently is studying a Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Arts at Australian National University. Coleman is currently devising a butoh/live-art piece entitled “HIM” to take up to Brisbane as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival 2014.

Eliza BerlageEliza Berlage

I play with animals and words. I can talk underwater but prefer to talk on radio. Writing works better online and in print. I tried it but you sea this is why we can't have nice things.

Elmira ForrestElmira Forrest

Elmira Forrest is an independent dance artist who has been living and working in Melbourne for the past 9 months. She is a member of Yellow Wheel Dance Company and teaches students with Down Syndrome at E.motion21. After completing a BA Dance at Macquarie University, Elmira is planning on studying a BCA Dance (Honours) at Deakin University in 2015.

Emma FerraroEmma Ferraro

Emma is media student, perpetual retail assistant, writer, and cat enthusiast.

Eric ButlerEric Butler

Lyricist/Linguist. Pauper/Prince. Grandiose/Deluded.

Evie PerryEvie Perry

Currently procrastinating writing a review so I write my bio.....

...oh, fuck it, I'm going on tumblr.


Hattie O’Donnell is a Communications/Law student at UTS.
She is a current editor of the UTS student magazine, Vertigo. Hattie has to jam her bedroom door shut with a piece of cardboard because she is too lazy to buy an actual working door stop (approx. cost $5), and it’s too awkward to ask her elderly Italian landlord to fix it.
She prefers to just ignore the problem and get on with her three main loves: Amy Poelher, cheese, and dancing a little too enthusiastically in public.

Jess MartinJess Martin

Writer, Tumblr unknown & connoisseur of punmanteau. Interested in short and resolute contemporary non-fiction and the creative work of women.

Jonno RevancheJonno Revanche

Writer, editor, artist, and magic maker from Adelaide. Forever curious and permanently interested in the power of empathy.

Justine SpencerJustine Spencer

Writes futuristic / sci-fi / dystopian / apocalyptic fiction when not under the influence of procrastination. Acquires the superpower of over-analysation. Has an unhealthy obsession for ice cream and anything coconut related.

Kayla GaskellKayla Gaskell

At twenty, Kayla has had a short story published in an anthology as well as several book reviews published both online and in the local library's Zine. She regularly contributes to The Empire Times and The Speakeasy Zine and hopes to publish her novel some day.

Lily MeiLily Mei

Lily is an editor of Vertigo Magazine and a volunteer at the Sydney Story Factory. You can find her stories on Stilts, Scum-Mag and New Matilda.

Matthew SimsMatthew Sims

A second-year journalism student at Monash University, taking parts in his first Buzzcuts program with Express Media. Interested in film, television, literature and the nature of art in general.

Matthew SimsMatthew Sims

Third-year Journalism student and budding arts commentator.

Michael NieldMichael Nield

Playwright, Performer, and story teller. Background in theatre, contemporary performance and circus.

Olivia WellsOlivia Wells

Olivia Wells is a freelance writer who studied creative writing student with the University of Adelaide. She is inspired by the environment and spends her time scratching simple stories of rural and urban Australian life in a messy notebook. She has a particular interest in review writing for music, theatre and arts and plans to publish a short story anthology by years end.

Rose PullenRose Pullen

Rose is a recent Arts and International Studies graduate and admin wizard. She has a keen interest in theatre, film and performing arts. She also loves naan bread.

Sahara WilsonSahara Wilson

Freelance editor. Freelance writer of arts reviews, current affairs and lifestyle pieces.

Sarah ByrneSarah Byrne

Business Journalist by trade. Lover of all things sweet. Enjoys discovering Perth’s hidden gems and is always up for a night of comedy or theatre. Spends most weekends exploring Perth’s small bar scene enjoying tapas and a few cocktails.

Yuzuha OkaYuzuha Oka

Yuzuha is a freelance journalist who loves writing and radio.
Her works have been published on Sydney Morning Herald, ABC, SBS, Gap Inc and some other publications.
She is currently studying at the University of Melbourne, and aspires to be an established journalist in Australia.

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