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6ft Fairy’s Birthday Surprise

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6ft Fairy’s Birthday Surprise is a weird and wacky experience you’ll be unlikely to forget anytime soon. The 6ft fairy is the voluptuous Ivanna – a children’s party entertainer with a Russian lilt who tells overtly sexual jokes – and for her 40th birthday Ivanna’s friends Doctor Funkenstein (a dreadlocked, rubber-gloved scientist) and the rainbow-mohawked DJ My-T-Jaxx decide to throw her a birthday surprise party.

The audience are the party guests and, without warning, they are thrown into an odd and random world, where really anything can happen – and does. In the opening scene we are confronted by Ivanna’s large bare breasts as she dresses herself, but that is just the very beginning of the show’s awkwardness. If you don’t like audience participation then it’s best to give this one a miss.

There is forced ‘spontaneous party dancing’ to cheesy pop music, children’s party games which involved some strange ‘cock-fighting’ , crude jokes regarding sex with circus performers and a man dressed as a nun singing about ‘foetal attraction.’ The jokes are not for the faint-hearted, and often had me laughing and groaning at the same time. This show is for people who get a kick out of black and sexual humour.

With its shonky plot and very intimate nature 6ft Fairy’s Birthday Surprise is hilarious and embarrassing. With an audience united by matching dorky party hats, the night I attended was reminiscent of plays your siblings may have made you watch in the lounge room – but with very adult content. The show had great possibility, and it is all in good fun, but at a very sober family starting time of 7.30pm it had more of an up-late, drunken, avant-garde feel about it. It is one of the most unusual parties you may go to this year. (And, yes, there is cake.)

6ft Fairy’s Birthday Party Surprise runs until October 12 at Bridie O’Reilley’s Irish Pub. Tickets are $16 full-price and $12 concession (group tickets are $12 per person for 4 people).

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