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Jim Jam Presents: Biscuits and Impro

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Jim Jam Presents: Biscuits and Impro has the finest selection of biscuits and milk that I’ve seen in any fringe festival show – but that’s not the sole reason to go. With an impressive array of improv comedy presented throughout the night, the show’s responses to audience suggestion caters to your every need, whether they be banana revolutions and underpants men or Robin punch-ups and embarrassing stories.

Introduced by Harley Hefford, the show features a trilogy of improv performances from a large cast of young performers, including Brenton McCollough, Peter Hayward, James O’Donaghue, Cameron Jackson, Slow Dan and Loretta Crouch. (Not that the performance actually needs to be a trilogy, but the structure provides a nice feel at the beginning of the show. As Harley says in his introduction, “Things always sound better in threes.”)

This trilogy began with a story told by a single member of the cast based on suggestions by the audience. The twist for this particular improv was that the story would shift from cast member to cast member depending on who was being pointed at by the audience. As such the story would change, jumping from one character, to another, until – if at all stopped by stuttering or a different failing of the cast – a large cry of “DEATH” would be uttered by the crowd leading to the “death” of whoever had made a mistake.

The show continued on with this basic formula of audience participation, performance, and twist admirably for the entirety of the night. Throughout the rest of the “trilogy” of performances, the cast took part in a number of other improv games, including “word limitations”, “slave and master”, and “the understudy”. Presenting new skits and twists at the end of every scene, the Jim Jam Impro group does an excellent job at keeping the mood of each new game fresh and interesting. Although the comedy was noticeably slow at the beginning of the show, by the end of the night the troupe was definitely within their element in producing decent comedy on the spot. Hopefully as the production continues and the actor’s confidence grows, so too will the show’s accessibility, and their comedy talents will start to shine in the performances sooner rather than later.

Jim Jam Presents: Biscuits and Impro runs until 13 October at Hares and Hyenas. Tickets are $15.

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