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Slutmonster and Friends

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Slutmonster and Friends
is a gutsy title, and this comedic production about two bickering brothers called Bovril and Larch (and a furry hermaphrodite monster)is a mischievous comedy executed with impeccable bravado. Complete with boob-covered trees, glowing phallic mushrooms and other strange genitalia-orientated vegetation, Slutmonster and Friends is a coalescence of innuendo and endless sex drives intertwined with the right amount of absurdity to elicit laughs all round.


Slutmonster and Friends illustrates a bizarre fairytale where Bovril and Larch become stranded within this strange, carnal land. Lucas Heil brings life to the brooding Larch, who realises that without food or water they will die in this disturbing place, and actively seeks out ways to return home. To his elder brother Bovril, it is a different matter.

Wes Gardner assumes the character of sex-obsessed Bovril, a narcissistic, illogical, and slightly moronic prince who has no contingency plans. Combined, Larch and Bovril provide a stark contrast visually and perspective wise, a contrast similar to that of Marvel’s Thor and Loki.This disparity between the pair creates an effortless humour in the classic comedy vein of a moron and a straight man.

Though the slutmonster is not a predominant character within the storyline, Jessie Ngaio brings an effortless portrayal of the bubbly, sex-obsessed monster. Donning a pink outfit complete with hairy tits and a gargantuan dong, Ngaio’s frenzied movements and over-enthusiasm to Bovril’s sexual advances create an ironic innocence that invoke words like ‘adorable’ and ‘sweet’, despite slutmonster’s promiscuity.

Despite the visual and verbal coital puns saturating the script, there is a pathos achieved from the ‘sane’ characters of Larch and two gigantic, singing muppets. Their somewhat prudish mannerisms create a grounding for the absurdity provided by Bovril and slutmonster, making the comedy credible.

Coupled with the censored, screen-projected chapter narratives, Slutmonster and Friends provides a political mockery of the censorship of news relating to high-powered people. Additionally, these chapter narratives’ divergence from the on-stage interactions elicit more laughter as the audience is completely aware of what is really happening.

Interspersed with catchy musical numbers, fantastic one liners and a brash, dark humour, Slutmonster and Friends is a quirky, sexualized comedy that will leave your sides aching.

Slutmonster and Friends has finished its run at the Fringe Festival. More information on the crew’s future projects can be found on their websites.

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