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How much information is too much? The crowd at Fitzroy’s Hares & Hyenas are certain that too much is never enough. The charismatic little bookshop played host to a night of complete openness, honesty and a load of confessions that would cause a priest spontaneously combust. Under the soft lighting of a chandelier, surrounded by books and preparedly open ears, six speakers took to the stage to present their deepest secrets, intimate encounters and shocking experiences that many would swear to take to the grave.

Poetry, spoken porn, short stories and reflections – each so very different, but all the same honest, raw, complete kind of over-share. Speakers included Crusader, who documented his first sexual encounter, and those which followed, some with men who had girlfriends. His detailed sharing of the story of his relationship with a man who gave him his first intravenous drug experience, resulting in a personal downward spiral, was touching and confronting in a beautiful way that can only come with being in a completely open and non-judgmental environment.

Bryan spoke of the time he was mugged by a man he knew, but reflected on the mugger’s life experiences that may have helped lead him to that point – racial issues, lack of family support, drugs and alcohol – rather than the mugging itself, a very interesting viewpoint to take. His story was an insight into his world, raw and eye-opening.

Some of the stories, too R-rated to be written down, too shocking to be re-shared, left the audience with mouths wide open, in fits of giggles and feeling a little loss of innocence at some of the unspeakable things they just laid witness to. Each speaker arose different emotions and reactions in the audience, but all were to be applauded, not only for their fantastic performances, but also for their courage to get up and expose their deepest secrets, as well as for their raw honesty – something rare these days. The audience were supportive, and though leaving the bookshop a little mentally scarred by some of the graphic details, it was an eye-opening and refreshing experience to hear people talk without conventional barriers of political-correctness or over-sensitivity. Terrifically twisted.

TMI Tuesdays has finished its run at the Fringe Festival. For more information on Hares & Hyenas events, visit their events page.

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