Melbourne Fringe 2013

A Little Less Conversation

0 Comments 30 September 2013

When you think physical comedy, do you think slapstick? Mime? Dance? Perhaps dance seems like an odd inclusion, but after seeing Dave Callan at the Melbourne Fringe Festival I now know dance is the best comedy in town.

For a show with almost no talking, it’s hard to believe that this late performance kept everyone in the room in stitches but it’s true. Dave and his backup dancers start from the very beginnings of dance (cave dancing of course) and travel through to the latest dance crazes. Sitting in the front rows has its hazards as they do ask a few lucky people on stage to join in the dancing fun.

Maybe it’s the funny accent combined with the beard and long hair, but there is something absurd and amazing about watching this man own the stage for an hour. He’s at 100% energy the whole time and he and his backup dancers sweat and smile equally as hard. They are having fun and that enjoyment carries all the way through to the audience.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a bearded man dance like Beyonce, this is the show you want to see.

See the Melbourne Fringe Guide for details.

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