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Angus Hodge: Finding My Rose-coloured Glasses

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To combat the stuffiness of Horner and Pratt’s loft, the windows were flung open and a small portable fan overzealously spins in an attempt to cool the fidgeting crowd. It is in this (now very airy) loft that Angus Hodge began his stand-up comedy show.

Reeling us in with an eloquent description of the perfect, yet dull, lives of his affluent café-frequenting neighbours he transports us to an enchanted place with his intriguing dialect. Then suddenly he quits this poetic spiel and launches into stories of his childhood camping trips, crazy housemates, shower shenanigans and other comical tales.

Self-deprecation at its peak, Hodge, who was a part of the award-winning Wolf Creek the Musical, explains how he uses his humour to see the sunnier side of the ordinary situations in which he finds himself. Sipping from his Cooper’s Pale Ale and, on more than one occasion, accidentally dribbling the lager down his chin and into his beard (umm, scruff?), Hodge was at ease and comfortable throughout his one hour stand up show. Confident and well-spoken, he moved from tale to tale without losing the audience and had them chuckling throughout his show.

From the torture of getting shampoo in his eyes to bizarre Bali bumper stickers, Hodge seized ordinary aspects of his life and dished them up as comical entertainment. If you’re anything like me or the guy seated to my right, who laughed hysterically for the entire hour, then you will appreciate this young man’s stories of a life seen through rose-coloured glasses. By living on the brighter side of life, Hodge teaches us to search for humour in all situations – especially those which are most dire.

Angus Hodge: Finding My Rose-coloured Glasses, Horner and Pratt, March 12 to March 16


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