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Squidboy is an award winning show by physical theatre extraordinaire Trygve Wakenshaw. The show boasts sold out seasons across national and international  festivals. Rightly so. Wakenshaw is hilarious in his randomness.

His character is unsure whether he is a fisherman, who dreams of being a squid; or a squid, who dreams of being a fisherman. The dreamlike transitions allow Wakenshaw to construct a detailed imaginary world. Did you know that squids invented corners? Or that they can become trapped within an elevator, but escape by remembering that it’s imaginary? Each twist and turn of this absurd story is completely unpredictable. Wakenshaw invites audiences to simply let go and enjoy the ride. Logic is overrated.

With an education in clowning, Wakenshaw’s performance can be better likened to mime, with occasional sound effects. His skill in creating a myriad of sounds is remarkable and his comic timing is impeccable. There are minimal lighting or audio effects, but Wakenshaw doesn’t need them. He interacts with the audience, encouraging them to act like they are eating a shared packet of chips and then whatever farm animal happens to wander by. The noisy munching is side-splittingly funny, especially as audience members struggle to imitate the performer.

For some, this show might be too weird, although it does maintain a plot — however irrational — which is different from his new work, Kraken. But Squidboy is executed with amazing skill and creativity. It is a gem of performance; certainly worth seeing. With its extensive travel, you might still be in with a chance, even if you miss the show in this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

Squidboy has finished its season at the 2014 Adelaide Fringe.

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