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Jennifer Forever, SFF 2014

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Tara Clark’s daring debut confronts the audience with the greatest taboos of the human condition. Electric and engaging the whole way through, each line serves as an intentional aspect of the chilling inquiry: can we control the inner evil we find in our primal instincts, even when society tells us we are wrong?

An ordinary high school teacher finds himself desperately enslaved to his attraction to teenage girls and is tortured by the irreconcilable conflict between his true identity and the judgment of society. Is there room for pity and compassion for someone born that way? If it is a biological sexual need predetermined by nature, can we blame him?

Jennifer Forever offers exceptional writing, the kind of theatre that lingers in the your mind and pierces your heart. Intense two-hander scenes between the high school teacher and teenage girl were neatly interspersed with scenes of the teacher lecturing about the evolutionary design of predators and sexual cannibalism. This structure cleverly provided a plethora of metaphors that weaved into overarching questions of free will when it comes to overwhelming sexual desires and paedophilia. .

The complex and three-dimensional characters of Man and Girl were riddled with contradictions, and captivated the audience. Dominic McDonald (Man) excelled in his role, compelling even the most upright viewers to empathise with the torment and brokenness of paedophiles. Equally, Gemma Scoble (Girl) gave a remarkable performance balancing delicate, light humour with the intensity of the play’s darker moments.

Two Peas Productions have truly produced a quality work of art. With robust recommendation, Jennifer Forever promises a worthwhile evening and guarantees debate, discussion and deliberation.

Jennifer Forever is at Old 505 Theatre until September 28. Purchase your tickets now.


Reviewed by Anne Lau

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