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The Comics Are Revolting, SFF 2014

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Head down Abercrombie Street and you’ll find a warm, welcoming pub that goes by the name of The Chippendale Hotel, housing a little-known underground comedy cavern called The Den. Wind your way down the stairs on Saturday, and from the hours of 8:30pm til 10pm, you can immerse yourself in a show compiled by Complete Anarchy Productions – a group of Sydney’s premier activist comedians – including talent such as Shayne Hunter, Jo Ranck and Melanie Stew.

This eclectic group of rabble-rousers seek to open your mind through music and comedy, and the night takes the form of a diverse variety show. The bill boasts a host of different performers, from drag queens in immaculate wigs, to stand up comedians, all-out activists and local musicians.

MC Shayne Hunter was a definite standout of the night, coupling witty quips and biting political commentary. Musically, Robert Bindley, Zac Martin, and Alex on Sax did a particularly good cover of a Gil Scott-Heron song, and really nailed the gravelly undertones of Scott-Heron’s signature jazz poet beats.. There was also a great taste of local talent from Millie whose song about iPhones taking over the world was uncomfortably relatable.

It is great to see such a collection of different people of varying ages and talents get up on stage and do their thing – and that’s one of the many great things about the Sydney Fringe Festival. Though at times a bit grating, the performers did make some thought-provoking points. If nothing else, you’ll get to see a lot of different wigs, hear more vomit and diarrhoea sound effects than you ever thought you would (a-la Gene Belcher from Bob’s Burgers), and if you’re lucky you might even be accosted by a person in a large sweaty rabbit costume yelling, “I’m Mr Rabbit!” in red budgie smugglers.

It’s difficult to sum up The Comics Are Revolting, and is really something that has to be experienced. If you hold particularly conservative views, don’t expect it to be to your taste, however if you have an open mind (and a few drinks in hand) then you might enjoy some of the funnier moments of this activist-inspired talent show.

Reviewed by Hattie O’Donnell

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