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Fiona O’Loughlin: My Brilliant Career, MFF 2014

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Filled with anecdotes about seemingly hilarious parenting moments, comedy deaths and almost attempted affairs, Fiona O’Loughlin delivers a witty show about her life and fifteen year “Brilliant Career”.

Barry Award nominated and one of Australia’s beloved comedians, Fiona O’Loughlin, presented her show that paid tribute to┬áher charming, awkward and bittersweet career. A comedy veteran, O’Loughlin’s experiences helped her grow into the comedian she is today, which wasn’t without some hiccups.

Filled with stories about her hatred for her best friend, her mother’s failed parenting moments, her failed moments in comedy and the time she almost had an affair, O’Loughlin’s retold them to the audience which, thankfully, she can look back and laugh at herself.

O’Loughlin is no stranger to the stage. Her confident and charismatic personality entranced the audience, which made them laugh until they were crying. Her anecdotes were relatable to those who have had dramas in raising children and maintaining a marriage. Even though I haven’t experienced any of those moments, my mother was in hysterics, and I couldn’t help but chuckle along with her.

O’Loughlin’s cringe worthy stories didn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable; they made you laugh and gasp as they tried and guessed what was going to occur next. The shocking moments made you think back to when they happened to yourself, and be thankful that you weren’t the only person who has had that happen to you.

The performance while being overall hilarious, was also incredibly heartwarming, as O’Loughlin also openly and truthfully discussed her alcoholism, while not directly addressing it. Instead of talking about her troubles, she retold moments where it created hilariously awkward moments, such as meeting her celebrity crush while drunk. It reflects on how she has overcome her troubles, and gone on to have an overall successful career.

O’Loughlin’s show is simultaneously funny and touching. Bringing together the awkward and warm moments, My Brilliant Career is courageous and truthful. It is guaranteed to leave you gasping for air in laughter, as you join in with her overwhelming moments of her life.

Photo Credit to the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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