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Man Academy, MFF 2014

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Rose Callaghan and Kirsten Law have created the Norman Willard Academy for Men & Adolescent Boys, conducting global semen-ars on how to stop being such a beta loser.

You’ll learn all about the dark arts of the fedora, the dangers of the friendzone and the magic of bromance. If you’re not an Alpha King Dog by the end, sorry – no refunds.

The semen-ar follows a series of lessons, encompassing everything from business and networking to style and dating etiquette. Callaghan and Law play your typically charismatic, overly enthusiastic presenters who are actually just failed shysters that share a mutual disdain of women.

They work fantastically with the audience, calling on the guys in the audience throughout for their input and participation; their awkward role-plays very entertaining.

As a character piece that takes the piss out of these kinds of annoyingly enthusiastic and extremely transparent self-improvement gurus, Man Academy is absolutely spot-on. The content, reflective of the kind of guys who might actually pay for such a course – i.e. Men’s Right Activists and Red Pill-ers, is ever hilarious. But it does end up ringing like a big old circlejerk after a while. Nonetheless, Man Academy is a hilarious, light-hearted examination of self-help seminars, and the kind of crowds that might genuinely attend them.

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