Melbourne, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014

The Worst of Scottee, MFF 2014

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Beautifully done and brutally honest, The Worst of Scottee has you laughing and crying within the hour. His incredible sense of humour combined with very poignant truths makes for a very engaging performance.

Set in a photobooth, Scottee offers up the all of his faults and flaws in one short hour. He begins by singing Ella Fitzgerald’s “Cry Me A River” in a larger than life persona, complete with impeccable comic timing.

As the piece progresses, the laughter is replaced with resounding silences as the audience holds their breath, never quite knowing what to expect. He isn’t afraid to put everything on the table honestly and openly – you can choose to love or hate him. Yet by the end of the piece, one cannot help but admire the strength of a man reliving his past again and again.

Scottee is both a talented actor and singer – belting out songs in between little vignettes. Each song is well chosen to fit the moment and the narration, taking the audience on a journey through sound. The photobooth allowed for the odd dichotomy of both intimacy and exposure, which is very much in line with the narration. It also created what could be seen as a faux fourth wall that could be broken and built up without much distraction to the audience.

All in all, The Worst of Scottee is a powerful piece, ready to invite audiences in – if they’re willing to listen.

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