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This is Not a Love Song, MFF 2014

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A play that tells of a failed relationship, This is Not a Love Song is a story filled with young love, misconceptions, regrets and classic music.

Put together and performed by playwright Greg Fleet and directors Tegan Mulvany and Shane Adamczak, the story is told by Jimmy, a man who reminisces of a past relationship he had with a girl called Sophie in his younger days.

An older Jimmy also acts as both an observer and narrator of his past memories. as we look at young Jimmy and Sophie’s relationship that is formed out of their mutual love of music, which acts as a mechanism to express the character’s thoughts and feelings. Like all young loves, Jimmy and Sophie have their problems; Jimmy not being able to take anything seriously and Sophie expecting too much out of Jimmy. Despite this, they try their best to fix their problems and save their relationship.

The play is a love letter to all those who lived and loved 70′s, 80′s and 90′s music. Songs included Reckless, Message to My Girl, and the most significant of all, The Horses, as it was Jimmy and Sophie’s favourite song. Being young, I didn’t recognize some of the songs, however it didn’t take away the effect that it had. The music, which was performed by Micheal de Grussa, wasn’t overly used and awkward. It was performed at the right moments and it helped create the overall tone of the story.

The actors were clearly committed to their performances. Not only were they musically talented, but they were also extremely dedicated, particularly Fleet, whose charming and simplistic acting helped the story flow smoothly. At times Mulvany and Adamczak’s acting seemed a little over the top, however you couldn’t help but smile at their chemistry.

The set was quite intimate, filled with 80′s and 90′s references such as Nintendo 64′s and, more importantly, old records that acted the connecting force between Jimmy and Sophie. The audience were able to feel what the characters were feeling, and while it was quite intimidating at times it felt as though we were meant to feel that.

The story itself was something that was relatable and bittersweet. Anyone who has experienced young love, no matter what decade it is, would be able to identify with Jimmy and Sophie’s relationship. Filled with ecstasy and tension, the tone swerved from being light and humorous, to being dark and tragic.

There were some moments in the play, however, that seemed a little forced. There was a lot of use of swearing, and while it suited the target audience, it felt as though they were swearing for the purpose of swearing. It suited the angered filled scenes, however during the early stages of the relationship, it seemed a little unnecessary. Nonetheless, it didn’t ruin the story, and overall it was simple and original.

This is Not a Love Song is not a love story; it’s a story about love, and the message was clear the moment the performers walked on the stage. Thought provoking and nostalgic, the play was structured efficiently and effectively and enjoyable for all that love music.

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