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Exhibition opening: ‘FIGURE BY 3′ by Annie, Jack and Molly Younger – Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program

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Molly Younger’s innovative latex clothing designs featured in last year’s Virgin Australian Melbourne Fashion Festival in the 2014 National Graduate Showcase. This year, she’s back with FIGURE BY 3, exhibiting her craftsmanship alongside sculptor Annie Younger and photographer Jack Younger.

Showcased across three rooms at the Flying Goolie Gallery in Collingwood, FIGURE BY 3 utilises the industrial nature of the gallery space to empower each exhibited work of art. The Victorian terrace in which the gallery is located has a character of its own, emphasising a presence of form and texture beyond the exhibits displayed.

Molly Younger, 'Coat on Two-sided Bas Relief'
Molly Younger, ‘Coat on Two-sided Bas Relief’

FIGURE BY 3 eloquently captures the interaction between the disciplines of fashion, sculpture and photography. The exhibition explores the reproduction of the human figure, making use of an array of materials including latex, metal, fabric, plaster and paper.

Each artwork is seamlessly connected together through reference to material, form and texture. The dynamic inclusion of blue latex streams throughout the collection – it rolls from one room to another – creating a visual flow of consciousness between all works of art and, in turn, each discipline.


Annie Younger’s metal sculptures, Rhinoman 1 and Rhinoman 2, guards the threshold of the gallery. These two enormous metal statures stalk the room and invite you to observe every crease and mark crafted into the material.

Jack Younger
Jack Younger, ‘Figure Series’

Meanwhile, the photographs comprised in Jack Younger’s Figure Series explore the physicality of photography, whilst also capturing the complexity of material and texture present in Molly Younger’s designs. He explores angles of the human body through various camera angles, juxtaposing the raw and ridged character of latex and the dainty human model.

In a similar fashion to Molly Younger’s 2013 graduate collection Form/Worn, her Garments on Plaster Figures Series included in FIGURE BY 3 presents the visual ambiguities of the human figure. Whether you are familiar with her craftsmanship or not, seeing the latex designs draped over plaster moulds exemplifies the human figure through the texture of each layer and fold.

Molly Younger2
Molly Younger, Garments on Plaster Figures Series


Annie, Jack and Molly exhibit a wholesome collection of works which illustrate the unspoken relationship binding all facets of the art world. It is the subtleties of artistry encapsulated within each garment, photograph and sculpture that reveals a story of construction – from beginning to end.  In particular, Molly’s designs are intricate and alluring, and can only truly be appreciated in the flesh.

Overall, FIGURE BY 3 explores three different and unique figurative formations of the human body by three artists whose work is bound together by matter, material and mind. The exhibition challenges the value of the human figure and its structural purpose.

FIGURE BY 3 shows at the Flying Goolie Gallery in Collingwood until March 15.

For more information on the exhibition click here.


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