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Felicity Ward – The Iceberg, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2015

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Felicity Ward is every woman’s best friend and she makes it clear, she is for women. A self-professed feminist, her comedy show is more than robust, it is daring. Ward is a tiny woman and her presence could be likened to a bird. She flutters around the stage, dipping in and out of an analysis of ‘the iceberg.’  As the guiding arch of her show, ‘the iceberg’ is a metaphor for changing perspectives and provides the platform for a social and political commentary. She challenges how we see the world and suggests, despite efforts to conceal and edit ourselves, we are transparent.

Ward is physically exuberant and with epic facials and spontaneous bursts of song, she makes the show a bubbly and insightful experience. Ward is a recent ex-pat, currently “volunteering” in what she dubs a “remote village” (London). From this new vantage point, she considers the finer points of online dating and Australia’s lack of competitive drive in musical prowess, compared with United Kingdom’s notoriously enthusiastic, Barmy Army. She goes out with a serious bang, and while perhaps the show’s farewell doesn’t quite have the desired effect, it is gutsy.

Ward doesn’t shy away from the strong stuff and is particularly deprecating of our racial tensions and political climate. She makes no effort to hide her politics as it is an important part of her set. It’s not in bad taste, she is gracious in the best of senses. In comedy, often the performer is doing a good job when they walk the line between ‘pushing it’ and ‘too far.’ Ward doesn’t care if for some audience members she went ‘too far’ because she is, “not a politician, she is a comedian.”

You get the feeling Ward could tear you to pieces in a debate. She would, at the very least, be a worthy competitor. She is bold, fiery, and when she talks, you listen.

Spending an hour with a comedian is like a blind date. You really get to know someone, and if all goes to plan, you want to buy them a drink or take them home. Ward is the best kind of blind date. She is warm, open, strong-willed, and totally available. She would make the coolest older sister, be an ideal friend to bring along to after work drinks or make a corker maid of honour speech.

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