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Mush and Me, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2015

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Girl meets boy, girl likes boy, boy likes girl, happiness ensues. If only it were that simple. In Mush and Me, the obvious and captivating attraction between two young people is complicated by the fact that she is Jewish, and he is Muslim.

Set in current day England, the play introduces us to Gabby (Daniella Issacs) and Mush (Jaz Deol) as they navigate the difficulties brought by their religious and cultural differences. Gabby and Mush first meet at work at an outbound sales call centre, and sparks fly. Their relationship progresses while they both imagine what repercussions telling their respective families about their new partner could have.

It is cleverly written and excellently performed, with Isaacs and Deol playing off each other. Deol’s droll delivery complements Isaac’s highly strung Gabby: they are enchanting together. A set of white bookshelves is a simple backdrop to their performance.

Mush and Me comes to Adelaide after winning the Holden Street Theatres Award at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe. The reasons for its success are evident from the play’s opening, where Mush and Gabby meet in the call centre. In this well-timed scene, they switch between talking to customers in a professional voice, muting the phone to engage in heated conversation before swapping back to the customer. This is indicative of how the rest of the play, with its skilfully crafted dialogue, will follow: it is intelligent, humorous and thoughtful.

With a clever script by Karla Crome, Mush and Me is a funny and emotive piece. Smartly directed by Rosy Banham, the play does not waste a second of its hour long running time. Even the set changes are carefully performed, with the actors moving set pieces with choreographed precision while snippets of interviews of interfaith couples play. Mush and Me is a moving and worthwhile insight into relationships and modern culture.

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