Melbourne, Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2015

Project Series: Stagelabel Emerging Fashion Industry Talk, Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2015

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Everyone in the creative industry knows it’s a tough gig out there – it’s not exactly an industry that’s booming with opportunity. So how does one even begin to get their foot in the door?

Hosted by Stagelabel, the Emerging Fashion Industry Talk helps out with exactly that. Bringing in industry professionals from emerging fashion designers, prominent stylist and magazine editors, the event provided insightful expertise into how to get started in the industry.

Separated into four different sections, each category delved into various aspects that were paramount to succeeding in the industry. From utilising technology, fashion branding and public relations, to production and legal information, the talk covered all bases with style, élan and panache.


Indeed, it was a refreshing experience hearing the success stories of emerging creatives in the industry. Like many in the field, it’s tough to have consistent motivation and enthusiasm in such a competitive industry, so being reminded that prominent entrepreneurs like Nixi Killick and David Briskin were once in our shoes is a reassuring afterthought.

Other names included Jessica Wilson (creator of Stash’d), Lana Hopkins (creator of Mon Purse), Carlos Mangurbat (freelance stylist) and Tione Tracks (co-owner of Level Up! Magazine).

If those in attendance were to pick one thing to take from the whole session, it’s that in order to succeed in what we love, we need to be able to invest blood, sweat and tears into what we do. Work hard. Build networks. Have a point of difference. Like Nixi Killick put it so beautifully – “be sure you’re ready to roll”.


The Stagelabel Emerging Fashion Industry Talk played as part of VAMFF’s Cultural Program 2015.

Photo credit: Chareli Seet 

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