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Art and Design: We Wear Future Exhibition presented by Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2015

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Futuristic dress is a concept frequently pondered by fashion’s elite. What will we be wearing in ten years time? Will shoulder pads make a resurgence, or will the historical cycle of rotating trends be replaced by something fashion is yet to fathom?

The forward thinking folk at Brunswick Street Gallery have been toying with the idea, too. They’ve noticed the pervading theme of futuristic exploration amongst the cities budding artisans, and they’ve recognised the past is better left behind.

So, when presented with the opportunity to host an exhibition as part of the 2015 VAMFF Cultural Program, curator Miriam Arbus set her sights firmly on what’s to come. Assembling an assortment of local futuristic fashionistas,The Brunswick Street Gallery’s latest exhibition, We Wear Future, was born.


Ragnhild Utne

FOOL Clothing

FOOL Clothing

Poised among the whitewashed walls of the Fitzroy gallery space, We Wear Future is an exhibition featuring 30 interpretations of fashion forecasting at its finest. A time machine of the trendiest type, this hand-curated collection of diverse design talent give meaning to the words ‘future’ and ‘bright.’

We left the bustling Brunswick Street and arrived in a loft-like simulation of the catwalk of tomorrow. Comprising of a cluster of small rooms connected by larger, open spaces, the exhibition ensures every artist is given ample room to divulge their futuristic discourse.

Meg Kolac

Meg Kolac

From Cadia Belante’s slumber-evoking dialogue with consumption in urban environments to Jevan Strudwick’s interpretation of sustainability through edibility, it’s clear that ecological concerns are at the forefront of these fashion fledglings’ minds.

“We weren’t just after that stereotypical ‘futuristic look’,” Arbus explains of the designs on show, “we wanted to develop a feel and awareness towards local and sustainable practise.”

Complimenting a central theme of the 2015 VAMFF Fashion Industry Forums, Arbus and the BSG team have accessed the gallery medium to engage with the topic of sustainability, too. Browsing the diverse range of exhibits, from the wearable to the     wacky, we are reminded that sometimes art speaks just as loud as words.

Eileen Braybrook

Eileen Braybrook

Another interesting element of We Wear Future is its balance of mediums. Unlike many fashion-focused exhibitions, the garments do not neccesarily take centre stage. Vibrant prints by the likes of Melbourne illustrator Meg Kolac sit seamlessly alongside the more textile and print-based focuses of Bree Ellet and Sharnee Thorpe, proving apparel isn’t the only medium worthy of facilitating design-directed dialogue.

And, if every exhibition in the future includes a personal greeting by the galleries pet, we’d like to teleport immediately. Milly, BSG’s resident Russian White was quick to point out her favourite exhibit, curling herself around one of Belante’s sleeping bags already doubled as a dress.

Cadia Belante, featuring 'Milly' the cat.

Cadia Belante, featuring ‘Milly’ the cat.

“What we wear will dictate what the future looks like. How we live will dictate what we wear.” If the work exhibited above the rushing reality of Brunswick Street has anything to do with it, we will soon be living with a greater ecological conscious and sporting some pretty excellent threads.

Closing this Friday March 6, skip to Brunswick Street Gallery quickly to catch a glimpse of the future for yourself.

Open 10am-8pm every day this week.

For full details of exhibiting artists and a photo gallery of the opening night, visit the BSG Facebook page.

Photographs courtesy of Brunswick Street Gallery, taken by Eliza Bell.

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