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Fashion Film Series: Palladian by Tim White – Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2015

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Using a series of linking non-sequiturs, Director Tim White has been able to both express a clear aesthetic and show off the AW15 range of Kuwaii. White has created a dream like reality through use of a vividly nonsensical colour palette and an eclectic soundtrack to match. Through the whole disjoined collection of scenes, White has been able to explore his “representation of how the human mind assembles memory”. Part Lynchian and part déjà vu, he has accentuated the beauty in Kuwaii’s collection as well as play with the audience’s expectations of a fashion film.

From wooden floorboards creaking to the actress’ sighs and the flapping of a fish’s fin, the soundscape of Palladian adds to its experience, allowing it to flourish and grow, albeit for two minutes and fifty seconds. Meanwhile, Liam Barton’s soundtrack is whimsical on the surface, but along with the narrative, it has a streak of mischievousness which populates the entire film.

kuwaii screenshot

Its narrative is cryptic but has a touch-and-go theme of eating experiences, from the recognisable scene of placing silverwear down for dining to when it is demonstrated best when Beth wears the Glazed Sweater and recollects her friend’s experience of eating an oyster. Kuwaii’s collection shown in the film is gorgeous, elegant, and has a vein of youth and innocence throughout. Shades of slate grey, ocean blue, and berry red are oft used as juxapostion and parallels to the clothes, which are dominated by the colours as well.

It would be an insult to say that White and Kuwaii have just created an eclectic fashion film. Through the thoughtful use of colour, sound, and non-sequiturs, Palladian has been able to put forth a new perspective for the genre. By doing so they have been able to achieve a top three win at VAMFF 2015 and a permanent place in this writer’s mind.

Palladian is screened as part of the VAMFF 2015 Cultural Program.  For more information on the Fashion Film Series screenings, click here.

Photo Credit: Palladian on RUSSH TV

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