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Adulthood is a Wonderland: an interview with Triana Amazonas, Melbourne Fringe 2015

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For most people in their twenties, the transition into mature, independent adulthood can be a strange, wondrous and mysterious experience, as Spare Gold Productions’ upcoming play, Emma and the House Special, will show its audience. Directed by James Khoo,  produced and written by first-time playwright Triana Amazonas, the play will tell the story of Emma, a “21st century Alice in Wonderland”. Sick of spending her days lounging around on the couch, Emma experiences a surreal and unexpected journey as The Real Estate Man, half salesman, half devil, offers her the chance to live the ‘Australian Dream’ of property ownership.

Emma and the House Special is largely based on anecdotes I’ve been collecting from me and my friends’ shared-housing experiences,” Amazonas says. “The long hours eating pizza on a couch in front of the telly, the milkcrate furniture and the frustration you feel when your housemates forget to take out the bins. The play talks about the ‘Australian Dream’ of owning your own house with white-sleek furniture, a flat screen TV and a completely aesthetic-driven lifestyle.”

Emma and the House Special will be staged at Scratch Warehouse Cave Theatre, using the warehouse-turned-living room space to create an intimate experience. Audience members will sit on couches amongst the cast as the story plays out, and they are encouraged to bring blankets, snuggies, cushions, pillows, anything that makes them feel at home. Some blankets and quilts will be provided, as well as tea and biscuits.

One of the messages Amazonas hopes to deliver to the audience is to “get off the couch” and experience life. “You are young and now is the time to do things, be active. I think it’s sad that so many people are wasting away their youth sitting on couches binge-watching shows and movies. I guess I would like the audience to feel this, but to be honest I think its meant to be a comedy, so I just want people to have a blast, to relate to the share-house experience and maybe consider writing that book they’ve been thinking about for years now.”

This play is the result of Amazonas’ own goals and ambitions. “I guess this semi-biographical play was inspired by my desired to act on my ideas. I am 25 now and when I am 85 I want to remember with a nostalgic smile about that time I decided to write and produce a play for Fringe Festival. I am saving all those hours worth of great TV shows for when I am in a wheelchair on pain killers.”

Emma and the House Special will run 17-19, 24-26, September, and 1-2 October, at the Scratch Warehouse Cave Theatre, 271-273 Macaulay Rd, North Melbourne, at 8:50pm each night. Book tickets at or call (03) 9660 9666.

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