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The Reverend will see you now: an interview with Reverend Grebo, Melbourne Fringe 2015

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There’s Melbourne, and then there’s Mucky Melbourne. On a 90 minute walking tour through the city’s thriving commercial hub, let the Reverend Grebo show you the latter. The Mucky Melbourne Tour, being led by the Reverend for this year’s Fringe Festival, promises to expose – nay, celebrate – Melbourne’s seedy underbelly.

“It’s the pornographic scandalous tour of Melbourne,” he smirks. “Melbourne’s longest-running cinema. It’s a porno.”

The Reverend, ordained online with the Universal Life Church (ask him, he’ll show you the gold-embossed card) delights in dropping the yucky truths on his audience. Almost as much as he delighted in researching them.

“I found out lots of stuff,” the Reverend says of his development process, hitting the library to pore over archived newspapers and magazines. He found the old Truth newspapers to be particularly helpful, given the often provocative commentary that they provided for the tumultuous 1960s and 70s.

“Imagine Andrew Bolt,” he says, “but, like, concentrating on tits and ass.”

The tour is also informed by tidbits that the Reverend has picked up from ten years working in pornographic shops; full-time work that has allowed him to fund the tours.

An unconventional look into Melbourne’s underground history, the tour will be nothing if not informative. Plus, the Grebo will put on a show, of that we can be sure.

“I’ll be wearing a priest’s outfit and everything,” he says. “I’ve got the shirt with the collar. I might even give out blessings.”

The Mucky Melbourne Walking Tour will run for the three weeks of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015, departing from the corner of Elizabeth and Flinders Streets on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, beginning Wednesday 16 September. Tickets: $25 full/$20 concession/$18 group.

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