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Accio Adulthood, Melbourne Fringe 2015

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If you’re still in denial about your missing Hogwarts letter, then Darcy Dann has the show for you. In her Melbourne Fringe Festival debut, Accio Adulthood, Dann tells the tale of how Harry Potter changed her life for the better. Using a combination of song and storytelling, Darcy recalls falling in love with the Harry Potter series, the crushing moment when she didn’t receive her Hogwarts letter, having multiple crushes on the characters, grieving at the conclusion of the series, and the realization that being in love with the wizarding world isn’t all as it seems.

In order to connect with the audience, who are most likely Harry Potter fans themselves, a performer must be charming, interpersonal and, like the Gryffindor house, courageous. Dann perfectly meets all the requirements. Not only is she incredibly talented, having a beautiful and graceful voice, but she has a presence on the stage that can only be described as magical. A self proclaimed Gryffindor, Dann is not afraid of taking risks as she fearlessly proclaims her love for Harry Potter. She shows this from the very start, singing a song about the many things she loves about Harry Potter to the tune of the film franchise’s theme. One of the many themes of the show is the fear of being too old to be passionate about a series of books aimed at children and young adults. But Dann shows that she is proud to be who is she is, and how the lessons she learned from the series helped her in her everyday life.

The show itself is wonderfully entertaining. The songs are charming, funny and they pay homage to the Harry Potter series perfectly. There is a parody of ‘Shut Up and Drive’ by Rihanna entitled ‘Shut up and Fly’, which is about Dann’s obsessive crush on Quidditch Captain Oliver Wood, and a new take on Natalie Imbruglia’s song, ‘Torn’, about Dann’s conflicting feelings of liking both Harry Potter and the classic Star Trek TV series.

You can tell that Dann is a Harry Potter fan just by looking at her. Dressed in Hogwarts robes that match the Gryffindor house and a wand in her hand, Dann looks like a fan at Comic Con, which adds to the adorable nature of the show. The set is simple, yet efficiently used, with a silver backdrop that looks like an invisibility cloak. POP! Vinyl Harry Potter figures are scattered across the stage, and are sometimes held affectionately when Dann recalls the time she spent admiring Hermione’s intelligence to obsessing over Ron’s ginger locks.

Dann also uses audience participation in the show; sorting members into Hogwarts houses with the Sorting Hat, letting them read passages from her childhood diary and hosting a dating show where a member chooses an eligible bachelor from the series.

Accio Adulthood is full of nostalgia and it touched the heart of every Harry Potter fan, many of whom are now growing up and moving on from the series. Ultimately, the show is about being afraid to grow up, and Dann tells the audience that it is okay to still have a place somewhere for something you loved as a child, you can take it with you into your adult life. Plus, Dann’s talent as a storytelling musician alone is worth the ticket price.

Accio Adulthood is a magical and whimsical experience that is perfect for, not only every Harry Potter fan, but for every fan of any series who is still trying to conquer the mysterious time of adulthood.

Accio Adulthood will run on the 23rd, 27th and 30th of September at The 86, 185 Smith St, Fitzroy, at 8:00pm each night. Book tickets at or call (03) 9660 9666.

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  1. Liz Burns says:

    I attended the performance and thought she was brilliant – involved the audience – had them laughing and wanting more – her singing was extraordinary too – would certainly pay to see her again and again – great stuff

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