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Meet the radical team behind Quippings, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015

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Quippings  is an eight-strong performance group run for, and by, people with disability. They have been fronting (and confronting) audiences for four years now, and Disability Unleashed, their new show for this year’s Fringe Festival, promises more of the surprising, touching, sexy, and hilarious acts the group is now infamous for.

Co-producer Jax Jacki Brown explains that the theme of this year’s show is “access,” which is often a hot topic in disability communities.

“We really stopped and started thinking about how we could interrogate that word,” she says “What makes it sexy, makes it funny, makes it engaging, and gives people something they weren’t expecting when they think about it.”

If you’ve seen a Quippings show before, you know to expect shock and sex and laughter, but assistant director Jarrod Marrinon explains that Disability Unleashed will be different this time. “In previous Quippings shows each individual has had their own slot, but this time we’re also focusing more on the group as a whole, making things more fluid. We have a group act too.”

Hearing about all the different individual acts being shown, it is abundantly clear that each of the eight individuals has a unique story to tell. Also, that their choice of performance methods are considered and wholly their own. Carly Findlay will be reading a letter to an unborn child, Natalie Corrigan will be debuting her stand-up, Marrinon will be performing what he describes as a “sex-positive eulogy,” plus five other comedy, movement, and music pieces. An eclectic mix of performers and performances, yes, but if anyone can make it work, Quippings can. The dynamic energy of the group is undeniable, and they have that infectious determination you only see in people with a message they’re passionate about.

Disability Unleashed is on at Richmond Theatrette 415 Church Street, Richmond on Saturday 26 September at 7:00pm and Sunday 27 September at 5:00pm. For more information or to book tickets, visit or call +61 (0)3 9660 9600. Auslan Interpreted Performance: Saturday 26 September.

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