Melbourne Fringe 2015

Stephen K. Amos: Welcome to My World, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015

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Renowned and critically acclaimed comedian Stephen K. Amos returns to Melbourne with his new stand-up show Welcome to My World. Amos entertains with recent stories and observations, such an encounter with a snooty steward on a flight, being passive aggressive online, Australia’s recent libspill, and his run-ins with indifference towards his Nigerian race.

Amos explains early in the show that he would be trying out new jokes for him to use in upcoming shows, so the stories were a bit jumbled up at times. But the audience didn’t seem to mind, we thoroughly enjoyed them.  From the moment he walks onto the stage, he has an immediate presence about him that allows the audience to relax: perhaps it’s his charming demeanour or his ability to engage with the audience without direct audience participation. Even when he does talk directly to audience members, he doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable, he is able to think on his feet, respond quickly to the moment and settle comfortably into the energy of the room. At one point he spoke to me and made a general observation about how my older brother most likely knows which bin will fit perfectly over my head. Being able to relate to this observation, I was in hysterics.

Amos is well known around Australian audiences, and for good reason. Even though Amos is British, he is able to engage with the Australian audience on our level. This allows the audience to be able to relate to what he’s saying, even if he’s doing an over-the-top impression of an Australian, which is so truthful that it’s impossible to be mad about it. Amos knows how to talk to his audience, particularly an Australian one. He comments at one point that Australians have no filter, and as a result he isn’t afraid to make jokes that some may find insensitive, he manages to deliver them in a way that doesn’t offend the audience at all. Every single audience member was almost in tears, laughing not only at Amos but at themselves as well.

An entertaining night for anyone after a long and tiresome day, Stephen K. Amos is the perfect combination of wit and honesty.

Welcome to My World runs from the September 25th – October 3rd at 7:00pm at the Lithuanian Club, 44 Errol Street, North Melbourne. Book tickets at or call (03) 9660 9666.

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