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i’m not alright, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015

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Daley King delivers a witty and honest performance in his one man play, i’m not alright. It tells the story of a character suffering from depression reflecting on his past, moments before committing suicide. Exploring the devastating effect that depression can have on an individual – through different situations such as failed Tinder dates, working in a dead end job and awkward sessions with a psychiatrist – King delves into a character study which should enlighten the audience about the many issues people with depression face.

Taken from his own personal experiences and through interviews with other sufferers, the story is confronting, but King convinces the audience that it needs to be said. There are certain moments that touch the audience, such as when he re-enacts singing, “Feeling Good” alone at home. This particular moment made me feel, not only empathetic, but connected, as I was able to look back at my own similar experiences. He uses metaphor well, giving a very poetic insight into the expression of depression, and adding to the dramatic tone of the show.

King’s performance is engaging and raw, flowing through the various scenes with ease. Dressed in only a shirt and bike shorts, King exposes his feelings and emotions to the audience. His truthful reenactments of the past are vivid, drawing the audience in rather than pushing them away. His use of an arm puppet as one his inner monologues is charming and helps engage the audience through humour, making the play more endearing. Following along an audio track of both music and inner monologues that narrates the play, moving it forward, King never misses a beat and seems completely at home on the stage.

The set design is efficiently used, and adds to the tone of the play. There is a streetlight that shines blue and has a picture of a sad face hanging off it, and a step ladder that King uses to draw attention to his character’s suicidal thoughts. Props are used simply and efficiently to convey the scene, such as a cigarette, a suicide letter, and a wig and glasses for the puppet to wear when portraying King’s Tinder dates. And music adds to the charming nature of the play, mostly being swing or jazz, which are played during King’s monologues.

i’m not alright is an authentic experience that will connect with audience members on a personal level.

i’m not alright runs through the 1st-4th of October at 9:45pm at Tuxedo Cat – The Atrium, 293 – 299 La Trobe Street, Melbourne. Book tickets at or call (03) 9660 9666.

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