Fringe World Perth 2016

100% Chicken Free – Matt Hale Comedy Hypnotist, Fringe World Perth 2016

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If 100% Chicken Free – Matt Hale Comedy Hypnotist proves one point, it’s that certain things draw us all together — like annoyingly catchy Taylor Swift songs. The enthusiastic Fringe veteran takes great delight in seeing several volunteers gleefully singing the chorus to Shake It Off, along with various other antics, in this hour-long cabaret comedy show.

Hale begins by explaining the concept of the show and assures us there’s no reason for concern.

Before any hypnotism is conducted he demonstrates to the audience how easily the subconscious can be nudged. All we’re asked to do is to focus intently on our fingers. The audience giggles nervously as, despite all efforts, we can’t stop our fingers from drawing closer together.

Anybody willing to take the plunge is invited to the stage and eased into peace and relaxation. Once suitably sedated, Hale has the newly anointed stars perform in a band alongside the Muppets (complete with epic saxophone solos and satisfying guitar smashing) before sending them cruising Downtown (complete with Macklemore backing track pumping) on their brand new Mopeds.

The cast takes to this venture with great gusto, squealing excitedly when presented with their new ‘keys’ and posing enthusiastically, before hilariously attempting to ‘outrun the police’ and then putting on their best ‘charming face’ once pulled over. In the audience, friends and relatives howl with laughter at the sight of their loved ones postulating and pouting in the face of the law.

Matt Hale is no stranger to Fringe World and entertains naturally and fluidly, but perhaps his greatest strength is his awareness of the hidden desires of the audience to participate. He bestows one lucky individual with The Force in their fingertips with raucous results, but it’s once he has the group on their feet dancing carefree to TayTay that the crowd really shows their enthusiasm. Perhaps because, deep down, we know that none of us have the power to resist.

Hale’s whole show is brilliant, respectful to the good sports involved, and achingly funny for the rest of the audience. Along with bemused volunteers and their guffawing families, I leave with a wide grin on my face, impressed by the power of hypno-suggestion.

On that note, I suggest you go see this show.

100% Chicken Free – Matt Hale Comedy Hypnotist runs until February 20. Tickets are available here.

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