Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2016

Man’s Best Fragrance Hits Shelves: Eau du Wet Dogge, Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2016

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Eau du Wet Dogge
West Space
Review by Hannah Kuhar

Would you like to smell like a wet dog?

If so, you’re in luck; sensory artist David Capra, in collaboration with Jonathan Midgley of Brisbane’s Damask Perfumery, has captured the scent of David’s dachshund Teena and bottled it for all humans and dogs to enjoy.

Described by Capra as “the next best thing to Teena”, Eau de Wet Dogge was originally created for the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia’s Jackson Bella Room, an interactive space where artists create environments specifically for people with special needs. Partnering with VAMFF, the Melbourne launch was held at West Space on Tuesday, with the exhibition running from the 12th of February until the 12th of March.

An artsy crowd of 20 congregated in the Bourke Street gallery, keen to see the larger-than-life Capra and the white-collared icon that is Teena. Never out of her owner’s arms, the polite and placid pooch was seemingly unphased by the 40 degree heat and the number of hands which stroked her manicured coat. Being serenaded by a Kenny Rogers impersonator sent her a little squeamish, however – a feeling also shared by the audience members. Lines such as “my left fingers are for lingering, my right ones [are] for…” and “do teeth ejaculate?”, combined with the sight of a grown man lying seductively on the floor, while the object of his admiration attempted to escape, left visitors with hands over mouths and much stifled laughter.

This mood continued throughout the opening: the entirely genuine presentation seemed a little far-fetched for most to appreciate. A speech/series of woofs, read by Capra on behalf of Teena, may not have been entirely accessible to the audience; however the message of loyalty and cross-species love was certainly not lost.

As for the perfume itself – I thought Capra was exaggerating when he claimed that the scent stayed under his fingernails “for three weeks”. Unlike most perfumes, the peppery scent remained omnipresent well after I’d left the exhibition. With deep heady notes of spice, tinged with airy top notes of forest, the fragrance is most definitely reminiscent of a washed dog. Not completely dirty, yet not entirely agreeable, Eau de Wet Dogge is a unique scent, guaranteed to turn heads and tails. Perfect for travelling dog-owners, this scent is full of flavours of love and deep beauty.

Eau de Wet Dogge is available now for $89.95.

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