Melbourne Fringe 2016

Naked, Melbourne Fringe 2016

0 Comments 12 October 2016

Words by Tom Taylor

NAKED By Diana Nguyen


Diana Ngyuen (as herself)

Audience (as themselves)

Tom Taylor (as floating voice)


Upstairs at the Lithuanian Club, a mostly full, tiny box of a room.

ACT 1: Scene 1

Audience a little frigid to start.

Weather also frigid. A Wednesday night.

This is the second show I’ve seen tonight. I chose this one because it started 15 minutes earlier than the one I intended to see.

Diana Nguyen has just had a nap.

Cue entrance of Diana Nguyen to pop song. She dances a little, stops abruptly, signals to cut the music, looks a little groggy (see note about nap), gets into it.

NGUYEN: (Insert a bit more than an hour of stand-up here. Nguyen is grinning throughout most of the show. Dialogue may vary depending on the performance but should include:

  • Funny impersonations of Nguyen’s mum
  • Clever observations of the differences between Anglo Australians and Vietnamese – Australians say “sorry, sorry, sorry”, Vietnamese make pho
  • Rough topics (grin included) like how Pauline Hanson’s last stint in public life made an 11 year old Vietnamese Australian girl in Springvale ashamed to be Asian, to speak Vietnamese and start following footy
  • Commentary on being cast in film and on TV as an Asian in Australia – always the prostitute
  • Great airport scene with said good mum impersonation, referencing other good jokes from earlier)

Also includes:

  • An average first joke about Q&A, some jokes that land with a wobble
  • Some glitchy transitions between sections.

Audience participation (young couple in the front row will obviously be the first to get mowed down). Nguyen offers them an improvised song in exchange.

More comedy, balloons, music, dancing and thrusting.

NGUYEN: I’m going to go put some clothes on.

End show. 

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