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Melbourne Fringe 2012

Mentalist Robert Haley: Elixir

No Comments 15 October 2012

Another New Zealander infiltrating Melbourne’s Fringe this year is mentalist Robert Haley. Haley combines a mix of magic tricks and psychological tactics to successfully impress an eagle-eyed audience. Putting this trickery into a narrative so as to give the show a sense of purpose, Haley assumes the character of a fabled elixir salesman, demonstrating his […]

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Melbourne Fringe 2012

Kissing and F*%king Up

No Comments 04 October 2012

Scott Collins is your run of the mill, modern-day Lothario: panting, awkward, persistent and forever aroused. Kissing and F*%king Up is an insight into the romantic anecdotes that have made this man. Written while living as an expat in London, the autobiographical script was initially a way for Collins to expose, acknowledge and hopefully learn […]

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Melbourne Fringe 2012

Minor Victories

No Comments 27 September 2012

Created by young New Zealanders (see: professional procrastinators*) Sherilee Kahui, Nellie Pearson and Dan Fraser, Minor Victories showcases the shallow and ambivalent mind of today‚Äôs chronically hedonistic twenty-somethings. Using an array of clever media including psychedelic AV projections, regret-riddled limericks and excruciating sock puppets, this series of vignettes demonstrates the trials and, more often than […]

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