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Die Roten Punkte a Europop high

0 Comments 31 January 2012

Die Roten Punkte certainly put the fun in dysfunctional. Their show Eurosmash! is like a Eurovision performance gone so wrong it’s right.

Don’t worry about the late-ish start time of 10:30pm, this high energy performance by siblings Astrid and Otto Rot, the Europop parody duo from Berlin, will have you out of your seat and singing along to songs about extra-terrestrials and robots who want to be lions.

The music is quirky and fun – sometimes resembling a 90’s pop group like AQUA with their synchronised dance moves and over the top outfits, and sometimes Astrid and Otto are smashing it out like The White Stripes. But it’s not really about the music.

Die Roten Punkte is so much fun to watch for the messed up relationship, with slightly incestuous overtones between the brother and sister duo. These two, with their excellent faux-German accents, will have you laughing out loud trying to one up each other’s song-writing skills, competing for the audience’s affection and for room on the stage.

The siblings have really distinct personalities which play off each other perfectly. Otto’s earnest creative-type is endearing and he shines as the song writing ‘talent’ of the duo, while Astrid’s portrayal of a sexy Europop drummer is hilarious and her charisma and storytelling drives the show. Some of their technical glitches and banter are obviously planned but the audience interaction is natural and genuinely funny.

The only unsatisfying thing about this show is that you’ll leave wishing there had been time for more songs. While the bickering, stalling and improvisation IS Die Roten Punkte, when they do get around to performing each song is a little gem of fabulous weirdness.

For an evening that will leave you high on Europop and trying to remember all of those crazy lyrics, check out Die Roten Punkte at the Spiegeltent every evening until Wednesday Feburary 1st. What a way to kick off Fringe World for 2012!

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