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‘Unashamedly about having a good time’ – Lucha Royale

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A wild mix of Lucha Libre pro-wrestling and burlesque, Lucha Royale is flat out fun. A funny and sexy romp, the audience is bound to enjoy themselves.

One of the most physically impressive shows on the Fringe World Festival line-up, there’s high-flying wrestling matches and intense, lavishly costumed burlesque routines.

The show’s masked MC does a fine job of keeping the crowd involved and laughing. His introduction, complete with a back flip off the turnbuckle, set an upbeat tone to start things off.

Those squeamish about violence shouldn’t be put off by the wrestling side of Lucha Royale. The matches are kept to a playful tone and focused on humour rather than excessive violence.

The wrestlers, from Perth’s Explosive Professional Wrestling, all give strong performances. High-flying tag-team Silver Fox and Kookaburra Kid were stand-outs with their aerial attacks and kooky characters.

Another stand-out was the egotistical Senór Entertainment. Senór riled up the crowd with tales of his handsomeness and by the end of his match we’d all seen more of him than we wanted.

The tight time-constraints on the show meant the matches were quite short and there wasn’t much back-and-forth drama developed during the wrestling. Instead, it was based around gags and high-spots, which worked well with the mood of the show.

The burlesque performances were just as theatrical as the wrestling portions of the evening. The costumes, and how they were taken off, were particular highlights.

At one stage, the undisputed burlesque champion of the evening, twisted her way through the audience wearing red lingerie and a snake. Set to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Red Right Hand, the performer stalked her way around the crowd, teasing audience members along with way.

In the future, every performance should have an audience member as entertainingly frightened of the snake as one lucky lady was last night. Her desperate attempt to put as much space between her and the snake added greatly to the routine.

Lucha Royale is unashamedly about having a good time. It’s silly and naughty. While it wont leave you with a sense of philosophical enlightenment, it makes for mighty fine entertainment

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