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It’s Me Dayne

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It’s Me Dayne

Noodle Palace

Review: Ella Bennett


Dayne Rathbone isn’t your run-of-the-mill stand-up comedian, and not just because he spends a good portion of his show sitting down, reading a children’s book he’s written under the pseudonym ‘Quincy Spense.’ It’s tricky to summarise – even without a word limit – but it’s not going to fade easily from memory.

It’s Me Dayne combines comedy, song, dance and theatre. Original doesn’t quite cover it; you want to imagine ‘original’ was soaked in lighter fluid and set ablaze, and then performed an hour of jokes with a bit of a stutter. There’s uncertainty always; towards the end, Dayne explains the show is over but continues to tell jokes “because it’d be rude to just walk off stage.” He’s not wearing much by this point.

Rathbone is a brilliant performer, playing not only Dayne as a hilariously exaggerated late-blooming man-boy, to delivering an alarmingly accurate impression of a disoriented old woman in a hospital. There’s an awkward atmosphere that’s funny either because you got the joke, or equally because you didn’t. From shock, ridiculousness, confusion and wit, Dayne provides a mixed platter of reasons to shake with laughter.

You may well be called upon for services to hilarity, and you may feel inclined to leave (some did). This is an incredibly distinctive show, and Dayne as a character is surely going to get bigger and bigger. It’d be worth seeing him now, as long as you leave any expectations (and children) at the door.

It’s Me Dayne runs 30th & 31st Jan and 1-3 of Feb.

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