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Fashion Film Series: Life Through Wool, Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2015

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Iconic Australian brand Country Road have partnered with The Woolmark Company for over twenty years. Celebrating their longstanding relationship is Life Through Wool, a short film showcasing the beauty of the Australian landscape with Country Road’s newest Winter collection.

Life Through Wool’s cinematography is stunning. Set on rural Victoria’s breathtaking Bonoke sheep station – the birthplace of merino wool – the film is filled with shots of an exceptionally casted Isabel Lucas running through the Australian countryside. The small subtleties within Life Through Wool are what make it great. Hundreds of sheep running through a field are filmed in the background of a shot, through a car window, and the Country Road clothing is displayed almost as a backdrop to the beautiful, contrasting light and dark colours of the Australian outback. Lucas is perfectly familiar and naturally beautiful, running through fields and walking through warm Australian sunsets. The films soft soundtrack and romantic dialogue, “this place never leaves you”, is perfectly sentimental and will surely strike a chord with the Country Road target market.

You would except a film produced by such a large company as Country Road to be blatantly commercial, but it’s hard to call Life Through Wool commercial at all. The Country Road products are seamlessly integrated into the film, beautifully edited so the clothes balance and harmonise with the soft textures and colours and countryside. The clothes are shown enough to be noticed within the film, but are not lingered on to the point where the film becomes commercial. The film certainly seems to celebrate the relationship between the two brands rather than debut the new winter collection.

Overall the film is obviously meant to reach the Country Road audience, and it will. It’s hard to review Life Through Wool as a short film, because although it doesn’t come off as being even remotely commercial, it obviously is. Regardless, in the Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Fashion Film Series competition Life Through Wool stands out. Because even if you do think rolling shots of the Australian landscape are a little cliché and a little commercial, it’s still a beautifully captured, exceptionally casted and well thought out film.

Life Through Wool played as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program.

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