Melbourne, Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2015

Offsite Runway Series: Strangers in a Moment by Chorus, Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2015

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Fashion films are such an artistic way to showcase the vision of a designer, and the collaboration between fashion label Chorus with Australian musician Bertie Blackman is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

The Compound Interest in Collingwood played host to this intimate afternoon affair and was the perfect art deco space to hold the many that attended.

Strangers in a Moment is a short film experience that explores the understanding between Chorus and Blackman’s latest album The Dash. Before the film even began, a runway show of the collection took place but not in a runway as we know it. The open-plan space was square thus the models walked in a box shape, each stopping at an edge of the circumference giving the audience full view of the clothing. 

What ensued was a journey into the creative mind of Chorus as the short film, set to Blackman’s track “Strangers in a Moment” from her latest album The Dash, unravelled itself on the walls of the space.

The film explored the normality of life three strangers have all the while clothed in the latest Chorus collection. The videoclip style film has a very existential feel to it and the sublime editing really captured the awkwardness of the three girls. What worked so well was the dark energy of Blackman’s track which was matched by the grainy mood of the film. Using a combination of close-up and wide shots really enhanced the emotion of the girls and their moments of impulsive contemporary movement were beautifully executed.

The final scene in the empty pool is such a powerful image because as it pans to the sky, it is revealed that the sky is in fact water and thus conjures thoughts beyond conceptual reality.

This film event gave audience members the opportunity to see not only the film but the clothing on the body and even have the possibility to purchase limited edition items from the collection. The team of creatives behind the designs and the film have married the two concepts together seamlessly and proven that fashion and film are a medium of art that speaks to so many different people and has so many interpretations.

Strangers in a Moment played as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2015.

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