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Project Series: Don’t Stop Me Now, Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2015

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When the youngest model on the runway is 55 and the oldest 86, you know you’ve got a good show on your hands. With a combined age of 1054 years, Don’t Stop Me Now is a fun take on a traditional runway show.

The brainchild of Shirley Mason, herself a model in the 50s, the event was a wonderful appreciation of a community of people the fashion industry always seems to overlook. This was done in collaboration with the University of the Third Age (U3A), a self-help, voluntary, not-for profit organization.

The hosts, Peter Dunn and Gail Cheesman introduced every section well, and easily held the audience’s attention. The novice models were confident and well-trained, complete with a touch of attitude. The crowd was wildly supportive, contributing to the incredibly feel-good atmosphere of the afternoon.

Featuring brands such as Egret, Saks, TS Sizes 14-24, Blazer, Hush Puppies, Sock Café, Lightning Ridge Opals and The French Jewel Box, each collection was well curated. The jewellery in particular proved a stand out, with pictures of the pieces displayed on a screen behind the runway. Although the individual pieces were rather simple, they were beautifully designed and eye-catching. The sleek nature of the pieces added a very classy touch to the day.

Overall, the event was an incredibly empowering afternoon of good vibes and smiles all around. It was a pertinent wake up call to the fashion world – known for its exclusive taste in models and styles. The audience left feeling inspired and lucky to have been part of such a motivational event. In one hour, Don’t Stop Me Now managed to take the conventional idea of a runway show, turn it on its head, and challenge all the stereotypes that stood in its way. There are important conversations the fashion world needs to have and it is events like this one that begin the dialogue. If a runway can be widened to fit a wheelchair, how many more barriers can be broken?

Don’t Stop Me Now was presented as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program’s Project Series 2015. Details here.

Photo Credit: VAMFF

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